The Rodeo Clown

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The rodeo clown is an interesting story of just how thin-skinned our President is. Yet it isn’t just about the president but about an ideology that says it promotes diversity and free speech but it is not about that at all. A case in point a Missouri State fair rodeo clown was wearing a mask of Pres. Obama an announcer said how many here want to see the Obama rodeo clown get run over and the crowd cheered. The rodeo clown has now been banned for life. When asked about this the unnamed rodeo clown said I am a clown and I know that I am one but the president is a clown but he just doesn’t know it. This rodeo clown has become a pariah.

I am 49 years old I remember watching MTV where there was a video by Phil Collins or Genesis called the Land of Confusion and it depicted Ronald Reagan as an uncaring war monger ready to push the red button. Was Phil Collins excoriated for this? No. How about the independent movie that basically was calling for the assassination of Pres. George W. Bush. Was that movie and the writers banned from making movies? No. Erin Burnett at the time was working for MSNBC called George W. Bush a monkey. Was she banned from TV? No. She has her own show on CNN now. Bill Mahar said President Bush was a chimp has he been banned from TV? How many Halloween parties did you go to that had somebody wearing a Presidents mask? Were they banned from the party? You know Reagan Nixon Clinton Bush

These people hate the tea party and conservatives principles. They do not have any tolerance when it comes to criticizing them. You can criticize Jesus you can criticize Christians and Christianity. You can put a crucifix in urine and put it in a museum and call it art. We must be tolerant they say.

Ladies and gentlemen you cannot criticize this president. You cannot disagree with his policies or your racist. You cannot talk about his big Dumbo ears or you’re a bully. He could come out and say that this was a rodeo clown and it was a joke or a bad joke but harmless. Let’s just call it a joke and move on. But he won’t because this man has no tolerance of being made fun of. You don’t make fun of him Middle America. Who do you think you are. They can put a crucifix in a jar of piss and put it on display as art but you can’t make fun or criticize or say anything against the Prophet Mohammed or the president of United States. Wake up it’s time for this guy to go. It is time to be people of common sense. The leftist ideology is the intolerant ideology of political thought. It is an ideology of Imbeciles.

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We are on to you

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Mr. President you know and I know that you let 4 of those Americans die because of your really not so secret gun running operation from Libya to ” Syrian Freedom Fighters” aka (Muslim Brotherhood) which this administration seems to have very very friendly relationship with. Well it is apparently a big secret to the mainstream media who is so far up your rear end if you made a hard left you would snap their necks. The problem is Mr. President their is a thing called the internet and common sense which you and the mainstream media sorely lack. The American People are tired of the race baiting lying and to put it bluntly lack of leadership from your coward ass. Sorry for the language but who are these people in the white house who knew that this video story was a lie and continue to lie to our face. If you don’t care about this your dead inside. I will not let this go. Those 4 men died because you wanted to get reelected bottom line. I will not sit. I will stand. I will not shutup. I will speak the truth. I will not bend over I will stand up straight. If dont like it unfriend me. Judging by all the responses I get nobody cares about this country and the direction its going. And if people dont like me cause I speak the truth I will wear that like a badge of honor.

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The Democratic Progressive Party

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Sometimes I think what life would be like if I just didn’t care. You know what I mean, like a person who says there is nothing I can do about it so why be concerned. What happens is going to happen and there is nothing I can do to stop it. So why bother? It’s not my problem. It will all work out in the end. If you believe this or that and that works for you all the power to you. I really don’t want to talk about politics and religion because they are all liars and money grubbers. I have enough to deal with in my own life and if you are going to talk about it I will just shut down and go on autopilot. Turn on, tune in and drop out was a famous quote by Timothy Leary when talking about LSD but it has some application about society today.

I think we as citizens of this great country have no idea what it has meant and still means to be a citizen and to do our duty as such. We have a citizenry in this country that really is oblivious to what is going on in this country and the world that can directly affects them. That can be proved simply by election returns and how the media can manipulate a story or an agenda to sway public opinion. We have some real problems in this country as well as perceived and perpetuated problems that are just politically motivated to keep the elites in power while they fundamentally change the United States of America into something that I don’t recognize nor want. This is not about the POTUS (President of the United States) it’s about Progressivism. Progressivism is not just about politics it is a way of life it’s an ideology. Its in our schools of Higher learning High schools and elementary. Progressivism is simply communism it just has been renamed. Its about controlling the masses. Its about the collective not about the individual. It’s in the culture and of course the mechanism that is the linchpin of all these is the political. You can’t have real change unless you control all three branches of Govt.

The political parties have also been infiltrated by this ideology. I’m sorry to the democrats your party is gone. There are in the republican party as well. Ronald Reagan is often touted as great president but if he were to run today as he was when was running he according to the media and Hollywood culture was an extremist and was going to get us into a world war. His economic policies were going to destroy the economy. People are so fed up with and are dropping out and get there news from TMZ, Inside Edition, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, and FOX. Sadly, more people know who Kim Kardacian is dating than who is the Vice President. Since the majority of the American people are not paying attention to what these crooks in city, state, and national govt. it is hard to stay motivated. But my motivation is my children and my hope that maybe by speaking out and telling it like it is like others the American people will wake up but I believe it will take an event for things to change.

I’m going to say things that aren’t politically correct and undoubtedly make people upset but I really don’t care anymore because I have the constitutional right of free speech and while we still have it I am going to use it . The Democratic Party which I will rename right now is The Progressive Party. Ok, I will call it the The Democratic Liberal Progressive Party) iis destroying this country politically and morally. This party advocates for earth worship, sacrificing children (choice) and enslaving people to poverty (welfare). The Democratic Liberal Progressive Party believes in separating people then pitting them against each other. Mocking people of faith and conviction as intolerant bigots and racist is the standard operating procedure. I will not sit down, I will not hold my peace, I will not allow the lies to go unanswered. The Democratic Liberal Progressive Party always talks about speaking for the minority, the downtrodden and the voice of the voiceless. They worry about the spotted owl and wreck the economies of communities because of some fish in California.

The biggest obstacle for minorities to have a part in the American Dream is racism but not as you perceive it. It is The Democratic Liberal Progressive Party who constantly says that its because of Christian white, conservative, republicans are the reason you cannot succeed. It’s the system that is in place that is keeping you down but we The Democratic Liberal Progressive Party will take care and fight for you. I remember when I was a kid I would make fun of kids who were smart and motivated to learn and better themselves because I was lazy and I didn’t want to do what it took to do well. I would call those who did well teachers pets and butt kissers. They weren’t like everybody else. Now that I’m older that was a defense mechanism for my lack of motivation and work ethic plain and simple that is what it was. I believe that this same thing happens in the inner city African American communities. The difference is that they are told over and over that the system is racist no matter how good you do in school. So what is the point of working hard at school if the system is racist? So what happens? The young men do not learn things that they need to succeed and thus they get into gangs and crime and get in trouble. Thus the system is racist and so it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Do you ever wonder why the political party in every large metropolitan is democratic and broke? Do you ever wonder why there is more Planned Parenthood per capita in the inner cities? Planned Parenthood is a big donor to The Democratic Liberal Progressive Party. So the young are not getting educated they get into gangs and turn to crime may go to jail and your sons and daughters are being killed on the streets and in the clinics. The Democratic Liberal Progressive Party comes in a says we care about you and we will take care of you just vote for us we will make sure you get yours so we gets ours. Welfare is economic slavery they give you enough to survive but if you go find work you won’t get as much. Now it is about playing the system. If you’re a single mother you will receive more money from the govt. so you do not want to get married. Thus why get married? The Democratic Liberal Progressive Party says why learn? The system is racist, you can’t get a job cause you’re not educated cause the system is racist, you go to jail because the system is racist. You can’t afford to have baby so the Planned Parenthood office is down the street you pay for an abortion and Planned Parenthood donate right back into The Democratic Liberal Progressive Party. Do you see how that works?

Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy. I believe that Satan will use any and all methods at his disposal. This country was founded on Judeo Christian values and Satan has been hard at work trying to steal, kill and destroy. To divide and conquer our hearts, our marriages, our families, our communities, our cities, our states and our nation. Isn’t it strange that the very thing that made this country great is being mocked and destroyed and relegated to intolerance when it is those who says those very same things are the most intolerant of all. This is an attack straight from the pits of Hell. Our country is broke we can’t afford the entitlements anymore. The Democratic Liberal Progressive Party needs a people to be dependent so they can stay in power and they are willing to collapse the system while they are in charge so they can keep their power. If America falls this world will deteriorate and evil will prevail like never before. After 911 this country seemed to come together but the spirit of progressivism is doing what no terrorist could. We are imploding in ourselves. That is the reality of the day. Come Lord Jesus Come.

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What Now?

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I have ask God this question a lot lately like in the last 48 hrs. It is quite simple. It is to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Jesus drew crowds where ever He went He helped and spoke truth and did not back down from confrontation in the arena of ideas. Why after 2000 yrs does His message still resonate with people shows how powerful His message is.

I will start with Hope which seems to be a popular word today. Today when you hear the word Hope you think of political campaigns and policies that will give people hope because that don’t have any? What are we to do? Put our faith in Govt? I have been ridiculed on my stances on life which to me is a spiritual stance not political. I am made to feel like I am a hater because I believe that. I have heard of women who knew that there was a chance that they could die if they gave birth to their child. They would end up going full term fully knowing they could die. Mothers have died giving birth knowing the consequences of their decisions. Those woman felt the life they were carrying was precious and if it was Gods will so be it. Women like that are selfless. They are willing to sacrifice their life for their children just like anyone would the difference the child hasn’t been born yet but it will be. The question is, is this a child? Well it’s not going to be a polar bear. In fact I think if it were a polar bear some would be more pro life than there is now. Hope for what? Hope for change.

Jesus Christ is the hope of mankind not emotionless govt. He is the one who loves us just the way we are and He refuses to leave us that way. God knows each and everyone of us probably better than we know ourselves. Even the things about you that you really don’t want to think about cause it make you feel ill. Even those things that no one knows about you except you. He know all those things and still He loves you.

With God there will be justice. With God there is peace. God wants your heart so He can turn that heart of stone into fertile ground for growth and love. He will not make you come to Him He will not make you choose to follow Him. If you choose not to because you just don’t believe in God at all and so there is no eternal consequence that is your decision. But if you know there is a God who wants to know you and help you grow why would you resist? I resisted for a very long time.

Amazing Grace
How sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me
I once was lost
But now I’m found
Was blind but now I see

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Election Night

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Whew it has been a long four years but then again it seems like yesterday. Yet it seems like we live in a different world but we know it isn’t. Our culture seems to believe that everything is great and we will just keep rolling along. People are so disconnected they are not paying attention to anything. You ask the average person what they think about the debt being 16 trillion dollars and they are like a deer in the headlights and have no idea the implication of such indebtedness.
What happened to our society is liberal progressives have created a victim constituency through welfare, education and through the unions. There is an alternative world view going on in this country. It is not what made this country the hope of the world. It is something completely different. It is a view that I have a right to have what ever i want even if I don’t earn it because I didn’t finish school. Because I was irresponsible and I liked to party touch much now I got someone pregnant and she either has the choice to have the baby and be dependent because goofy likes to party too much and he better not marry me because I will not get the assistance if I’m married. This fact right here has torn the family apart because the govt. says you don’t have to take responsibility for your actions we will help. Then the dad can be there and live with baby and babies mama and live off the govt. Or if they don’t want the baby they can just have an abortion because they don’t like the daddy or they have some partying to do and baby will crimp their style. Or they are in school and having a baby would mess up things and or They don’t like the guy enough to marry him. Like it or not these are a few scenarios I’m sure missed some but I’m not blaming anyone it is just facts.
Achievement is scoffed at. Working hard to get ahead and being successful is looked down upon instead of look up to. Doing menial work is below them and working hard is not their style. So they teach us in school and on TV that rich people are money grubbers who have lifeless eyes and have disdain for them cause they are poor and they want them to stay that way.
So the democratic party is their advocate to take money from those who have to those who don’t. People who work hard and sweat to make something of themselves are driven to succeed and believe that everyone has an opportunity to do that and or if they don’t they can work for the guy who has succeeded as a stepping stone or work for him for a long time we have a choice. The politicians tell those who don’t want to succeed or work that the successful have disdain for them and the reason why they don’t have what they need is because the evil rich guy.
Unions have attacked business from the inside and driven business out of the country they pay raise their-shelves out of a job. The worse thing about the unions is they support and donate to the Soviet Union style of the Democratic Party. Since the early 1900s this school of thought has been slowly making its way into our society. Yesterday wasn’t just a victory for Barack Obama but it was a bigger victory for Progressivism. Because the economy is in shambles but our govt is handing out money it doesn’t have to pay for all these entitlements so the people are not feeling it yet. No president in history has ever been reelected with the unemployment rate this high. Why? Cause they have taken the sting out of unemployment. It just can’t go on much longer and it will all crash down. We can not afford any of it any more. The little debt deals they do are not going to fix the problem they are making it worse. So when this thing crash down what will we do then. He could have done some things his first term but he didn’t. My advise is to buy guns and ammo and food cause this year or next this economy is going to collapse mark my words. I was completely wrong about the election but this is why there are more of them than us. Lt. Allen West gets defeated a hero a soldier while Jesse Jackson jr. has been in the mayo clinic for nobody really knows they say depression for over a year and he wins easily. Does that make sense. Wake up America.

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The Islamization of Italy

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Fundamental Change

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The president is an enemy of the state

While campaigning in 2008 Sen. Obama said he was going to cut the deficit in half. He said that the federal debt has increased by $5 trillion during the eight years of president Bush and increasing that was unpatriotic. There was some tape-recording of Sen. Obama saying that under the Obama administration energy prices would necessarily skyrocket. Story comes out to Obama announced his State Sen. aspirations in the home of the unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayres who was a member of the weather underground in the late 1960s. They were responsible for blowing up a police station and were planning to bomb Pentagon. Sen. Obama was only asked about this one time and he said that Ayres was just a guy in his neighborhood.

Barrak Obama also attended a church where the pastor said that 9/11 was America’s chickens coming home to roost not God bless America God bleep America. Another tape surfaced where Sen. Obama when talking to people in San Francisco said the people of Pennsylvania characterizing them as people who cling to their God and guns and a disparaging way.

When Obama won his party’s nomination he said that this is the time that the waters recede and the planet begins to heal. He wins election and after moving into the White House the first thing he does is go on an apology tour telling the world the reason why they have it so bad is because America has been wrong about its policies but things are going to be different.

We have the golf oil spill the new president shuts down all rigs and does nothing to help with the disaster and the rigs went to Brazil as far as I know those wells are not producing as of yet. In the meantime regulation is causing Clean coal factories to close down. GM was billed out and hasn’t paid back their loan and recently it is heard that GM is closing factories and moving or outsourcing jobs to China. When he became president gas was about a $1.87 a gallon and now it’s hovering around $4.00

President Obama knew that there was unrest in Egypt. Pres. Mubarak has been a facilitator of peace in the Middle East for 30 years. There has been a peaceful coexistence with Israel for that long. Obama calls for Mubarak to step down and encourages the uprisings. The media said that it was democracy that was happening in that square. But there were people who were warning that yeah Mubarak is not the greatest leader but who’s going to take over? Who was going to fill our vacuum as you will. The Muslim brotherhood was among those who were mentioned as being potential leaders. The Muslim brotherhood is the granddaddy of all terrorist groups. Political pundits are heralding Obama’s accomplishments. They call it the Arab Spring.

So let’s hold the Pres. Obama accountable for his actions. The Muslim brotherhood has come to power in Egypt and vows to rid the world of the Jews by taking Jerusalem. Jerusalem is the home of Islam’s third holiest sites Al Asqa Mosque the dome of the rock. Which happens to be right where the Jewish temples used to be. This is destabilizing the middle east like we haven’t seen in a very long time. The administration and the media has downplayed the situation to the detriment of the American people I will leave Egypt topic for now.

Let us dive into the Fort Hood attack Maj. Hassan is a Muslim who yelled Allah akbar before he mowed down soldiers at the Fort Hood reception center. The administration said that this was a workplace shooting. Like this guy went postal. This was a terrorist attack by a Muslim extremist and no one calls it that and nobody is investigating or questioning the administration assessment of this incident, but I haven’t forgot have you? Pres. Obama and his statement some hours after the incident started off by giving a shout out to someone. We had American soldiers gunned down on a military post which was serious situation and Pres. Obama wants to give a shout out to someone before he spoke about the attack . Unbelievably insensitive!

Iran had uprisings as well but nothing from the White House. No encouragement to the protesters for uprising. No calls to Ahmadinejad to step down. Nothing. All the while the world knows that Iran is developing nuclear weapons and Ahmadinejad has vowed to drive the Jews into the Mediterranean Sea. By the way the Iranian government is an extreme Islamic in nature. Oh yeah not only do they hate the Jews they hate us. Death to America. Which is a detriment for the American people.

Let’s move to Libya. This Libya story is still developing as we speak. We had just a couple weeks ago US ambassador killed along with three other patriots because of a movie. The administration came out blaming a video that no one saw. For almost 3 to 4 weeks it was a video that caused spontaneous protests all over the middle east on September 11, 2012. A video! Information is coming out that this has nothing to do with the video but was a highly sophisticated terrorist attack information that the State Department and the administration knew at least 24 hours after the incident if not before.

Do you see a pattern here it is a pattern blame America first. It is a pattern that coddles our enemies such as the Muslim brotherhood and other Islamic extremists and punishes our allies.

We have an ally in the middle east the nation of Israel. They needed our help and support they are surrounded by Islamic extremists dedicated to wiping them out and our president doesn’t have time to talk to their prime minister but has time to talk to four women on the view and David Letterman disgraceful.

Pres. Barack Obama is a man who doesn’t understand what America stands for who our friends are and who our enemy is. When he said that he was going to fundamentally change United States of America this is what he meant. By the way he added 6 trillion to the debt in 4yrs. This man is a clear and present danger

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