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President Elect Donald Trump. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2016 Leave a comment Go to comments

You in the media trashed Mitt Romney like he was the worst man that ever lived. Didn’t care about dogs. Didn’t pay his taxes. Didn’t care about his employees. 47%. He was probably the nicest most decent man around and you tore him up. If he would have been accused of any thing like Trump has done or accused of he would have quit. But Trump fought back and you have what you have. The liberal media gave him all kinds of free advertisement cause they thought he was a joke. Once he got the nomination they thought they could discredit him. But 2 things happened. 1. Trump isn’t a pushover and he fought back and struck a nerve. That some in our country have been trashed for stuff they had nothing to do with and others were catered to for it. People are tired of all the clowns in Washington who get there and all of a sudden they are millionaires and never leave. Corruption on both sides exist. They pit americans against each other for their benefit not ours. Meanwhile we fight with each other and they get rich by promising this and that. America is the place of opportunity not guarantees. These so called politicians promise to make life better by this program and that program. I know that was a long. 2. Hillary is exactly what I just described. I don’t know what will happen but I know this the media and the dugin politicians are all hands on deck. They will come out with their usual America is racist and minorities should fear the man. President Obama had a real chance to change the tone in Washington but he divided us even more with help from the media. And now we have President Elect Trump. I hope that he can bring the country together but there are those on both sides who don’t want that cause we would have no reason for them. Finally our enemies around the world want to see American fighting against each other cause they know if they come against us we will unite. Take a deep breath God is in control not Donald Trump not Hillary Clinton. Pray for this land and for its people. Peace

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