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The Affordable Care Act is Unaffordable

Sunday, December 8, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

The other day I was at my son’s basketball practice and a friend of mine told me that he received a letter in the mail from his insurance company informing him that his current healthcare policy was being canceled for him and his wife.

Here is a friend who works hard, pays taxes, provides for his family donates his time and money to his community and had no problem with his healthcare insurance until OBAMACARE. What a joke. The joke is on us and it isn’t funny.

This man Obama hates America as it was founded. He has never run a business. He is completely out of touch with regular people and has no love of country other than how he would love to transformed the greatest most prosperous and generous nation in all of history. A nation that has lifted the world up out of the mock and mire of oppression. Instead of making it better he wants to take us down the road that ends in disaster and death. Can you think of a better way to destroy this country. He is doing it in plain sight for all to see. This isn’t a new road, it has a new offramp and it leads to the same dead end. TYRANNY.

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