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Can anyone explain when we take in 200 billion in taxes and 20 billion is owed on the interest on the debt how are we going to default? This default notion is a lie and everybody republican and democrat nbc fox are a espousing it. Which leads me to believe that they are all liars the press and the politicians.
The politicians do not want to deal with the spending problems that we have and they are afraid to make the hard choices.
Republicans are spineless cause they think that they will get blamed for everything in the press which is true but that doesn’t mean its true.
If you keep raising the debt limit the more you owe on the debt. The real reason they want to raise the debt ceiling is because they want to shuffle more into obamacare because its a disaster. Do we really want the IRS involved in our personal medical issues. They are already involved in our financial issues and political issues so why would we want them giving us our choices for medical decisions.

Not Raising the debt ceiling will not cause us to default. By law we are to pay the interest on our debt first. The problem is they the politicians don’t want to budget the other stuff that they spend and waste money on.
Then dems want to keep entitlements rolling to keep those voters in line and the reps are afraid that they will get the blame. President Obama has a real opportunity to be presidential here by calming everyone down and assuring the American people that we will not default because we have more than enough to pay the interest on the debt. Then tell these politicians to get busy and get our country going in the right direction economically with spending cuts and budgeting. Sadly this will not happen. The president just like all those in Washington just wants to kick the can down the road which will eventually bankrupt our country and do the very thing that they all say will happen if we dont raise the debt ceiling. VOTE THE BUMS OUT THEY ARE DESTROYING OUR COUNTRY AND THEY DONT CARE BECAUSE THEY WILL BE ALRIGHT BUT WE WILL NOT BE. It is not a democrat or republican thing it is a Washington thing. They are not listening to us and doing whatever they want. Whatever happened to transparency? I can’t see it. Can you?

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