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The Rodeo Clown

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The rodeo clown is an interesting story of just how thin-skinned our President is. Yet it isn’t just about the president but about an ideology that says it promotes diversity and free speech but it is not about that at all. A case in point a Missouri State fair rodeo clown was wearing a mask of Pres. Obama an announcer said how many here want to see the Obama rodeo clown get run over and the crowd cheered. The rodeo clown has now been banned for life. When asked about this the unnamed rodeo clown said I am a clown and I know that I am one but the president is a clown but he just doesn’t know it. This rodeo clown has become a pariah.

I am 49 years old I remember watching MTV where there was a video by Phil Collins or Genesis called the Land of Confusion and it depicted Ronald Reagan as an uncaring war monger ready to push the red button. Was Phil Collins excoriated for this? No. How about the independent movie that basically was calling for the assassination of Pres. George W. Bush. Was that movie and the writers banned from making movies? No. Erin Burnett at the time was working for MSNBC called George W. Bush a monkey. Was she banned from TV? No. She has her own show on CNN now. Bill Mahar said President Bush was a chimp has he been banned from TV? How many Halloween parties did you go to that had somebody wearing a Presidents mask? Were they banned from the party? You know Reagan Nixon Clinton Bush

These people hate the tea party and conservatives principles. They do not have any tolerance when it comes to criticizing them. You can criticize Jesus you can criticize Christians and Christianity. You can put a crucifix in urine and put it in a museum and call it art. We must be tolerant they say.

Ladies and gentlemen you cannot criticize this president. You cannot disagree with his policies or your racist. You cannot talk about his big Dumbo ears or you’re a bully. He could come out and say that this was a rodeo clown and it was a joke or a bad joke but harmless. Let’s just call it a joke and move on. But he won’t because this man has no tolerance of being made fun of. You don’t make fun of him Middle America. Who do you think you are. They can put a crucifix in a jar of piss and put it on display as art but you can’t make fun or criticize or say anything against the Prophet Mohammed or the president of United States. Wake up it’s time for this guy to go. It is time to be people of common sense. The leftist ideology is the intolerant ideology of political thought. It is an ideology of Imbeciles.

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