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We are on to you

Saturday, May 11, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

Mr. President you know and I know that you let 4 of those Americans die because of your really not so secret gun running operation from Libya to ” Syrian Freedom Fighters” aka (Muslim Brotherhood) which this administration seems to have very very friendly relationship with. Well it is apparently a big secret to the mainstream media who is so far up your rear end if you made a hard left you would snap their necks. The problem is Mr. President their is a thing called the internet and common sense which you and the mainstream media sorely lack. The American People are tired of the race baiting lying and to put it bluntly lack of leadership from your coward ass. Sorry for the language but who are these people in the white house who knew that this video story was a lie and continue to lie to our face. If you don’t care about this your dead inside. I will not let this go. Those 4 men died because you wanted to get reelected bottom line. I will not sit. I will stand. I will not shutup. I will speak the truth. I will not bend over I will stand up straight. If dont like it unfriend me. Judging by all the responses I get nobody cares about this country and the direction its going. And if people dont like me cause I speak the truth I will wear that like a badge of honor.

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