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Election Night

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Whew it has been a long four years but then again it seems like yesterday. Yet it seems like we live in a different world but we know it isn’t. Our culture seems to believe that everything is great and we will just keep rolling along. People are so disconnected they are not paying attention to anything. You ask the average person what they think about the debt being 16 trillion dollars and they are like a deer in the headlights and have no idea the implication of such indebtedness.
What happened to our society is liberal progressives have created a victim constituency through welfare, education and through the unions. There is an alternative world view going on in this country. It is not what made this country the hope of the world. It is something completely different. It is a view that I have a right to have what ever i want even if I don’t earn it because I didn’t finish school. Because I was irresponsible and I liked to party touch much now I got someone pregnant and she either has the choice to have the baby and be dependent because goofy likes to party too much and he better not marry me because I will not get the assistance if I’m married. This fact right here has torn the family apart because the govt. says you don’t have to take responsibility for your actions we will help. Then the dad can be there and live with baby and babies mama and live off the govt. Or if they don’t want the baby they can just have an abortion because they don’t like the daddy or they have some partying to do and baby will crimp their style. Or they are in school and having a baby would mess up things and or They don’t like the guy enough to marry him. Like it or not these are a few scenarios I’m sure missed some but I’m not blaming anyone it is just facts.
Achievement is scoffed at. Working hard to get ahead and being successful is looked down upon instead of look up to. Doing menial work is below them and working hard is not their style. So they teach us in school and on TV that rich people are money grubbers who have lifeless eyes and have disdain for them cause they are poor and they want them to stay that way.
So the democratic party is their advocate to take money from those who have to those who don’t. People who work hard and sweat to make something of themselves are driven to succeed and believe that everyone has an opportunity to do that and or if they don’t they can work for the guy who has succeeded as a stepping stone or work for him for a long time we have a choice. The politicians tell those who don’t want to succeed or work that the successful have disdain for them and the reason why they don’t have what they need is because the evil rich guy.
Unions have attacked business from the inside and driven business out of the country they pay raise their-shelves out of a job. The worse thing about the unions is they support and donate to the Soviet Union style of the Democratic Party. Since the early 1900s this school of thought has been slowly making its way into our society. Yesterday wasn’t just a victory for Barack Obama but it was a bigger victory for Progressivism. Because the economy is in shambles but our govt is handing out money it doesn’t have to pay for all these entitlements so the people are not feeling it yet. No president in history has ever been reelected with the unemployment rate this high. Why? Cause they have taken the sting out of unemployment. It just can’t go on much longer and it will all crash down. We can not afford any of it any more. The little debt deals they do are not going to fix the problem they are making it worse. So when this thing crash down what will we do then. He could have done some things his first term but he didn’t. My advise is to buy guns and ammo and food cause this year or next this economy is going to collapse mark my words. I was completely wrong about the election but this is why there are more of them than us. Lt. Allen West gets defeated a hero a soldier while Jesse Jackson jr. has been in the mayo clinic for nobody really knows they say depression for over a year and he wins easily. Does that make sense. Wake up America.

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