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Fundamental Change

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The president is an enemy of the state

While campaigning in 2008 Sen. Obama said he was going to cut the deficit in half. He said that the federal debt has increased by $5 trillion during the eight years of president Bush and increasing that was unpatriotic. There was some tape-recording of Sen. Obama saying that under the Obama administration energy prices would necessarily skyrocket. Story comes out to Obama announced his State Sen. aspirations in the home of the unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayres who was a member of the weather underground in the late 1960s. They were responsible for blowing up a police station and were planning to bomb Pentagon. Sen. Obama was only asked about this one time and he said that Ayres was just a guy in his neighborhood.

Barrak Obama also attended a church where the pastor said that 9/11 was America’s chickens coming home to roost not God bless America God bleep America. Another tape surfaced where Sen. Obama when talking to people in San Francisco said the people of Pennsylvania characterizing them as people who cling to their God and guns and a disparaging way.

When Obama won his party’s nomination he said that this is the time that the waters recede and the planet begins to heal. He wins election and after moving into the White House the first thing he does is go on an apology tour telling the world the reason why they have it so bad is because America has been wrong about its policies but things are going to be different.

We have the golf oil spill the new president shuts down all rigs and does nothing to help with the disaster and the rigs went to Brazil as far as I know those wells are not producing as of yet. In the meantime regulation is causing Clean coal factories to close down. GM was billed out and hasn’t paid back their loan and recently it is heard that GM is closing factories and moving or outsourcing jobs to China. When he became president gas was about a $1.87 a gallon and now it’s hovering around $4.00

President Obama knew that there was unrest in Egypt. Pres. Mubarak has been a facilitator of peace in the Middle East for 30 years. There has been a peaceful coexistence with Israel for that long. Obama calls for Mubarak to step down and encourages the uprisings. The media said that it was democracy that was happening in that square. But there were people who were warning that yeah Mubarak is not the greatest leader but who’s going to take over? Who was going to fill our vacuum as you will. The Muslim brotherhood was among those who were mentioned as being potential leaders. The Muslim brotherhood is the granddaddy of all terrorist groups. Political pundits are heralding Obama’s accomplishments. They call it the Arab Spring.

So let’s hold the Pres. Obama accountable for his actions. The Muslim brotherhood has come to power in Egypt and vows to rid the world of the Jews by taking Jerusalem. Jerusalem is the home of Islam’s third holiest sites Al Asqa Mosque the dome of the rock. Which happens to be right where the Jewish temples used to be. This is destabilizing the middle east like we haven’t seen in a very long time. The administration and the media has downplayed the situation to the detriment of the American people I will leave Egypt topic for now.

Let us dive into the Fort Hood attack Maj. Hassan is a Muslim who yelled Allah akbar before he mowed down soldiers at the Fort Hood reception center. The administration said that this was a workplace shooting. Like this guy went postal. This was a terrorist attack by a Muslim extremist and no one calls it that and nobody is investigating or questioning the administration assessment of this incident, but I haven’t forgot have you? Pres. Obama and his statement some hours after the incident started off by giving a shout out to someone. We had American soldiers gunned down on a military post which was serious situation and Pres. Obama wants to give a shout out to someone before he spoke about the attack . Unbelievably insensitive!

Iran had uprisings as well but nothing from the White House. No encouragement to the protesters for uprising. No calls to Ahmadinejad to step down. Nothing. All the while the world knows that Iran is developing nuclear weapons and Ahmadinejad has vowed to drive the Jews into the Mediterranean Sea. By the way the Iranian government is an extreme Islamic in nature. Oh yeah not only do they hate the Jews they hate us. Death to America. Which is a detriment for the American people.

Let’s move to Libya. This Libya story is still developing as we speak. We had just a couple weeks ago US ambassador killed along with three other patriots because of a movie. The administration came out blaming a video that no one saw. For almost 3 to 4 weeks it was a video that caused spontaneous protests all over the middle east on September 11, 2012. A video! Information is coming out that this has nothing to do with the video but was a highly sophisticated terrorist attack information that the State Department and the administration knew at least 24 hours after the incident if not before.

Do you see a pattern here it is a pattern blame America first. It is a pattern that coddles our enemies such as the Muslim brotherhood and other Islamic extremists and punishes our allies.

We have an ally in the middle east the nation of Israel. They needed our help and support they are surrounded by Islamic extremists dedicated to wiping them out and our president doesn’t have time to talk to their prime minister but has time to talk to four women on the view and David Letterman disgraceful.

Pres. Barack Obama is a man who doesn’t understand what America stands for who our friends are and who our enemy is. When he said that he was going to fundamentally change United States of America this is what he meant. By the way he added 6 trillion to the debt in 4yrs. This man is a clear and present danger

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