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I better just stop fighting the inevitable that Barack Hussein Obama will be our president for the next four years. Look I can’t argue with his record it so clear that we are going in the right direction according to the majority of the mainstream media who are doing the presidents bidding. I am astonished how completely criminal the so-called press is in addition how incredibly naïve large segments of the American population is. I will tell you on both sides of isle are at great fault and have kicked the can down the road. Progressivism is in both parties and deeply embedded here is a question that may put this in perspective if you were intellectually honest. Right now if a Republican was president and he had economic statistics and all the unrest in the middle east that the current president finds himself in would the media be so hopeful and behind the republican president? I know that the media and most of the population of United States will be up in arms. The Republican Party would be on the run and the tea party would be the alternative I would be outraged if this was a Republican administration. The Democratic Party and media would be even further to the left then they already are.

Make no mistake the media is turning a blind eye on this administration and not telling the American people the truth. Who is doing investigative reporting on the Fed, fast and furious, the national debt, Social Security and Medicare sustainability, welfare, food stamps and the total foreign policy failures of this administration. The shame stream media should go to jail for journalistic treason. They are not seeking the truth. They are knowingly hiding the truth by not doing their jobs. They are afraid that they will not be popular and get invited to all the parties and people will not like them. They are a bunch of spineless jellyfish were selling our country down the road so they can have the best table in the restaurant.

When the dust settles you in the shame stream media Will be marginalized and yesterday’s news, not credible and not relevant. You who think that we all hang on your word are in for a rude awakening. I’m going to be watching all of you on election night and no matter what happens it will be your demise.

Lets just say Obama wins you in the media will be held in account as co-conspirators for the destruction of this country I don’t know if there is a law that would support that but I think treason is in there somewhere. I am under no illusion that if Obama wins we will be watching the collapse of our economy and then society because this man has absolutely no intention of doing the things that need to be done to do that. If Romney wins things will have to be done because we are heading for a financial collapse. Answer this question. Who would be better to deal with the financial crisis a businessman who took failing businesses and turned a majority of them around or a community organizer who is responsible for this country’s worst economy since the Great Depression who blames everything that happens on everyone but himself. He is not the unifier he said he was. He plays the class warfare, race, gender and age card every chance he has.

Rush Limbaugh the other day made a point that the liberals in this country fear conservatives more that they fear muslim extremist. When Congresswomen Gabbie Gifford was shot people were coming out and trying to blame Sara Palin because she used the political term target Giffords seat in congressional elections.

We have people getting killed in Libya and clearly it was a terror attack and the administration is blaming a video because he policies in the middle east has failed miserably and I believe there is a lot more to this and the administration is in coverup mode. If this man is doing this stuff on purpose which I believe he is we are in grave danger. If he is just in way over his head it is still a dangerous situation.

We the people are more than ready to get behind a man who was going to be straight with the American people and help him chart the course to lead our nation out of fiscal calamity. We need a leader who will take these issues head-on that leader is Mitt Romney.

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