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The War on Christianity

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I must speak a little about the Afghanistan. The way this war was waged was surprising to me because I didn’t think we could nation build there let alone try to help them set up a (democracy) but who am I?  I just figured people who are paid to think these things through knew what they were doing.  This my opinion so take it for what it’s worth. Wherever in the world radical Islam is in the majority it is always repressive and freedom of speech, religion and the freedom to assemble is not very high on the rights list.  Just look at Syria, now there is some fun-loving times there. Yea they just mow their people down, not a problem. Right? Egypt, now there is a great place to go to for fun in the sun. The Arab Spring Break! Yea!!! Wonder if women there would wear bikinis at the beach. All sarcasm put aside, they couldn’t have a democratic republic because radical Islamist don’t believe in a free society. They are prejudice against anyone that isn’t muslim and that is the truth. Anyone who isn’t muslim are infidels. Which is the lowest form of life as far as they’re concerned. That sounds like hate speech to me.

In America we are free to practice any faith as long as we don’t break any laws. You are also free to not to practice any faith at all. The reason that people have the rights they do is because this country was founded judeo-christian values. Christianity teaches that you don’t force people to believe. No one is forced to believe in God in this country.  Let me address our fellow citizens who think it’s wrong to pray at graduations, to have in God we trust on our currency and to say one nation under God. No one is forcing you to believe in God when they pray. You would not have the freedoms you have if it wasn’t for the God-fearing men who founded this country. God love us and he loves you. He is not going to make you love him. So if we choose to believe in Him why would you object to that. We are not hurting anybody we are not breaking any laws. So those who go and file lawsuits against freedom of religion are the ones who are intolerant. Try to find any system of govt. that is better than ours. Yes, things right now are falling apart in this country because our freedom of faith has been under assault for years.  So if you are offended by a minute or two of prayer or just can’t get past a nativity scene without steam coming out of your ears here is a thought try being tolerant.  You’re free to believe or not to believe because men that did wrote a constitution that guarantees you that right.

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