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Fear Not

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I know that the majority of people who aren’t of the Christian faith and sadly many who are will mock and dismiss the things that I’m going to write. The world is going through the birthpangs of change. Our faith whether you believe it or not is under attack by our government. The U.S. Constitution was set up to protect us from the government getting too much power and slowly but surely all three branches of the government have done just that. Not only are we under assault internally but also from abroad.

The Middle East is on fire with this so-called Arab Spring which is spilling out in the form of radical Islam . Anti-Semetism is growing around the world and in the United States. Israel is facing a decision that could alter the course of the world. Israel is being set up as the scapegoat for all the ills of the it which is the oldest trick in the book. The Israelis are being push back against the wall of their very existence and the cowardly world politicians are afraid that if they stand with Israel they will be a target for terrorism. So the world is being held hostage by radical islamic organizations and governments. When the Israelis have to do what the world will not, in case you don’t know is to stop the radical islamic terrorist state of Iran from developing a nuclear weapons. This could cause oil prices to go through the roof. Oil is the engine that drives the world’s economy and if there is an interruption with the flow of oil the financial systems could fail. There are many culprits in this controlled economic failure and may have a system in place but they will need a patsy, a fall guy. They will use the worlds growing Anti-Semitism to deflect the blame of this economic tailspin that we are currently in on the Jews. We are at a tipping point in human history. The hatreds of the past are marshaling their forces. Evil is on the march In every way.

The banking systems around the world are artificially holding nations up. Just like the bad decisions to bail out the auto industry so too are the nations being bailed out because of bad socialist political policies. The United States has been implementing similar policies which is why our national debt is around 16 trillion dollars. Cradle to grave, womb to tomb, the Great Society and the War on Poverty just to name a few.

We have been lulled asleep and it is time to wake up. Whenever I discuss this with people I get the deer in the headlights look. Some say how do you know all this or some will say this stuff has been going on for a long time don’t worry about it. I find it amazing how ill-informed and out of touch our leaders are in this country as well as it’s citizens. I’m equally amazed that we as a church body are as out of touch as the world is about these things. Well Joe what is going to happen is going to happen and there is nothing we can do to stop it. I didn’t say anything about stopping it. I hear some say this could the time of the end or the end of the age, which it could be but are we sounding the alarms are we reaching out to the lost? If it isn’t are we prepared for hard times? Do we really know what that looks like? Are we a shelter for the lost or are we in the same unprepared boat?

To tell you the truth I don’t care if this makes people laugh, uneasy, scared or angry. There are real problems on the horizon and persecution is on the way because the world and those who are children of the world hate Jesus. There! I said it. They dismiss and discount Jesus and those who follow Him as people who can’t deal with life without a crutch. We however are dangerous to those who want to control every aspect of our lives because we will not blindly follow man and his ways. We follow and God who loves, guides and teaches His ways. His ways are not our ways. Are we spiritually and physically prepared for the coming storms. We as Christian Americans have no excuse to be uninformed to what is going on around us. God did not make us intelligent beings to be dumbed down by the busyness of our own freewill. He hasn’t called us to be to be people of panic in times of peril. He has called us to speak the truth of His peace that he so lavishly laid upon our souls. Can somebody give me an amen!!!!

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