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Well now, how does that grab you. You know how writers will use and outlandish headlines to draw readers to their articles. I may have to warn you if you are sensitive and want to continue to hide your head in the sand then maybe you should turn on some classic rock music station or read a newspaper, watch Dancing With The Stars or Big Brother. That may be a little harsh only because I believe we have been brainwashed to think that evil is on the retreat and we can go back and disengage ourselves from reality and things will just workout. Maybe I’m getting old or crazy. No! I completely reject that thought and hope that after you read this if you read this that it may make you think about things differently.


The mainstream media is dead to me because they are not doing their job and that is telling truth about the things that are going on around us. They are like The Great And Powerful Wizard Of Oz who says “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.” Guess what? Toto has pulled away the curtain for me to use the of Oz theme here. The difference is this wizard doesn’t want us to have what we came to the emerald city for. What do we expect this wizard to do? Well for starters, how about telling the american people the truth. The media are not concerned with the truth. They are concerned with an agenda. They are a mouthpiece for an Ideology or a belief and consistently regurgitates the principles of failed systems called Marxism, Socialism and Communism and have repackaged it with new names like Progressive Liberalism and my favorite name Secular Humanism. Doesn’t that make you feel all warm inside. Just a side note these warm and cuddly systems were responsible for the deaths of millions of people throughout the 20th century with leaders as loveable as Joseph Stalin he was a big teddy bear. There was Mao Se Tung, he made Joseph Stalin look like a little teddy bear because his communist revolution only killed 60 million and Big Joe killed 20 million. Then there was everybody favorite national socialist Adolf Hitler. He just tried to totally wipe out the jewish race. These systems are at complete odds with our system a constitutional republic democracy. News flash SOCIALISM AND COMMUNISM and their ideological twins PROGRESSIVE LIBERALISM AND SECULAR HUMANISM SHSHH be real quiet they are for shshshs GIGANTIC CENTRALIZED GOVERNMENT!! Sounds like a certain political belief system in america and there are elements in both of the political parties.

Do you remember in January of this year the massive protests going on in Egypt and how the media portrayed this as democracy and how great it was and the administration in Washington D.C. was cheering on the young people and encouraging them to rise up and urged the Egyptian President Mubarak to step down because the masses wanted democracy. Have you noticed any stories coming out of Egypt saying that the most organized group is The Muslim Brotherhood. I will not go into the history of the this group but it is safe to say that they are muslim extremist. They are bent on the destruction of Israel and the west which means The United States of America.

1. Why would this administration encourage this uprising if they knew that the Muslim Brotherhood was going to be the largest political group in Egypt? If they knew, that would be bad policy wouldn’t it?

2. If they didn’t know, that just means that these people in the state dept. are incompetent. Right?

3. Didn’t the administration know the guy they asked to step down was keeping the extremist at bay?

4. Then the administration blamed the problems we are having with the economy on what was called the “Arab Spring.”


1. What is going on there?

2. Who are the rebels? Everything that I read is that the rebels are extremist Al Qaeda or good guys and storekeepers. I also read that prisoners were released and some were members of Al Qaeda. So who knows? Lets hope they are better at knowing who will rise to the top in Libya better than the were about Egypt.

Let us consider the cheerleader of the Arab Spring, that beacon of light, that giant of freedom and human rights. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is stepping up his inspiring quest for the enrichment of uranium for the peaceful use of nuclear power. This man gives speeches and calls for the destruction of Israel and to drive them into the sea. Death to Israel and death to America. He says these things right out in the open. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5hLDjGdJC0Q He is a holocaust denier. He also prays to allah for the hastening the 12th Imam.

I have a question here. Maybe instead of doing stories on Jackie Kennedy and L.B.J. putting the moves on her. How about finding out who this 12th Imam is and why he wants him to come so quickly. I am not going to get into the whole thing but the hastening comes through world chaos like financial and civil unrest. If anyone was digging around some they would find this man Ahmadinejad believes he was born to bring the chaos to the world which will usher in the 12th Imam the muslim messiah. Remember death to Israel death to America the enrichment of uranium. Don’t worry there is nothing here to see. Go back to sleep the bad man is all gone.

Israel is the only nation in the middle east that is our true ally. For the last three years they have been disrespected by this administration by our middle eastern policy and statements.

1. Why would President Obama suggest Israel return to the 1967 borders? Without getting into all of it, which I will on a later post. This is why there was a war. Those borders were indefensible.

2. Why doesn’t the media tell us the truth about the history of the nation of Israel at least since 1948?

I know that I have asked a lot of questions and quite frankly haven’t asked all that needs to be asked such as the economy which is very important but that argument is being played out in the media although they are not telling us the truth.

Which brings me to my point. There is evil in the world. Throughout history unspeakable atrocities have happened. I believe that there is coming a time in which unprecedented evil will be unleashed on the world. Economic collapse seems to be on the horizon. You may think I am crazy and way out there and I hope I’m wrong. If a collapse happens things may get out of hand and people will want someone to blame for their current condition. Who do you think will get the blame? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WKRwJby3OnA This guy is one of the biggest dangers to world stability and he says he wants to cause it. He isn’t alone with his thoughts there are millions who feel this way

Political correctness has become the religion of the political world. Isn’t it odd that christianity is not covered by the political correctness umbrella in fact it is mock and scoffed at by nearly everyone. Political Correctness is not my religion and I would fight for anybody’s freedom of speech and trust me I will stand up and speak out against antichristian and jewish rhetoric. http://www.theblaze.com/stories/iran-now-claims-christian-pastor-is-guilty-of-rape-not-apostasy-death-sentence-still-stands/ This man is a man of courage. He knows who he is and he has decided to take a stand. So join me and stand up for the truth and we will prevail. God Bless

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