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Closed Doors

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Sometimes I wish I could go back in time like 35yrs, but not for reasons you may think. You may think a reason might be that I would do it all different. That’s not it. I used to be carefree and oblivious to the state we find the world in today. But, like most adults life has a way of putting your experiences in perspective

For the last 13yrs or so I have been educating myself. Let me take that back. I have allowed the Holy Spirit to have various amounts of access to Joe. The real Joe. Who as a kid did some regrettable things and still lives with them. Some of those regrettable things destroyed relationships with people in my life and heaped a ton of shame on me personally. Bad decisions turned into bad habits then to bad mistakeds to bad memories. I know God has forgiven me for these sins but, for a long time I haven’t forgiven myself. I have invited the Holy Spirit of God in to do some house cleaning.

You know when you have people over to your house and maybe a room or two are not quite up to parr and you keep the door closed so your guests will not see how dirty or cluttered it is because you will think your guests will think differently about you. It is in a sense the same with our internal house. Except we have doors inside of us that we haven’t opened in years. We try hard to forget about those rooms because in them is sin, shame and pain. Speaking for me I am good at keeping doors shut and ignoring them. Have you ever accidently opened a door to a room that you knew was the room they didn’t want you to see. You are like whoops se daisy.

Just imagine if people could open the door that you keep shut in your inner house. Question. How would you feel if people that you have known for awhile knew what you hid in that room? Would they think differently about you? Would they still be your friend? I don’t know about you but my inner rooms are trashed.

If no one saw the room that was trashed does that mean that the house is clean? No it doesn’t. It is easier to clean up a trashed room in your house. It is another thing to clean up a trashed room on the inside . I believe that the inner room stuff shapes us more that we would like to think. Because it is not laundry. It is not clutter. It is sin. In the Old Testament temple there was a veil between the Holy Place and the Holiest of Holies. I believe these doors or veils are a way to block the Holy Spirit from cleaning house. The Bible says be filled with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will not go where you don’t want him to go and this is the struggle with old habitual sin. We ourselves can’t clean thoses things up. And we sure don’t want God to do it. Which is silly because he already knows about it. We have to be honest with ourselves and most importantly God. The Holy Spirit is the real Mr. Clean. All you have to do is open the door and he will do the rest.

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