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First Things First

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This blog will be entirely devoted to current events in this world and how it relates to us.  Who is us?  Everyone is us.  Because I believe God loves everyone and has specifically detailed the way to Himself. 

Suppose you had a life threatening disease and had a choice of several doctors who claimed they had the cure but only one had it.  How would you pick the right one? All had convincing treatments but only one had the cure.  How would you decide what to do?  Here is the twist.  The person who loves you more than anything knows exactly which one it is.  They would tell you about all his patients he cared for.  They would also have witnesses of His character.  This Doctor not only healed his patients, fed the hungry, walk on water, calmed the seas, raised the dead and last but not least defeated death itself.  All you would have to do is believe what He said.   Would you believe it?  Does it sound to good to be true?

Look, unless you once and for all admit that something is missing and are desperately lost nothing will change.  I know alot of people out there who seemingly have it all together but deep down inside they are empty.  You know yourself there is something missing. 

Sometimes late at night when you’re alone with your thoughts you know what is right but pride steps in and says what’s wrong with you? You are fine.  I have been where you are and I tried it all.  Drugs, sex, alchohol, work, mindless t.v., sports, this and that and I thought I was ok but deep deep deep down way down there where you don’t like to go but sometimes you do and it scares you because you come face to face with yourself and quite frankly that is not the guy you like. 

It’s right there where Jesus meets you and He says come on brother I know the way and I will fill you so full of God that you will never never go to that deep place alone again.  He says don’t dwell on the past I”m about your future.   You see the Dr. is in and He is the cure for this life and the life to come.  The Great Physician is calling out your name.  Get out of the chair and leave the waiting room.

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